Saturday 22 November 2014


I had heard many a time that Kraków is a beautiful city but I somehow didn't expect it to be that amazing... we absolutely loved strolling through the cobbled streets from one magnificent sight to another.
And the brilliant weather we had all week definitely helped reinforce the feeling that we were on a beautiful holiday.

Thursday 13 November 2014


One of the reasons we fell in love with Krakow was because of all the amazing spots our friends took us to during our few days together. Not only did they introduce us to super cool places to eat and drink, they also showed us around their neck of the woods, Podgórze, and allowed us to discover absolutely stunning places off the usual tourist track.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Wieliczka salt mines

Back in September our friends Joanna and Marcin got married in Krakow, Poland. It was a truly magnificent affair and we were so happy to be able to be there for their special day. 
I didn't have my camera with me that day so you'll have to take my word for it but the whole day was a-ma-zing. From the church they picked for their ceremony, Joanna's dress, the smiles and teary eyes of all the guests, the tremendous amounts of food and vodka, Joanna and Marcin's amazing first dance, the beautiful, beautiful location they chose for the reception, the flowers, the stunning decorations... everything was perfect!
I can't wait to see photos from the official photographer to go back to this truly wonderful day.

Anyway... this post is about Wieliczka salt mines! :-) We were lucky to stay in Poland for almost a week after the wedding and we got to discover Krakow and the area. And... we LOVED it!

Here are some photos of the salt mine we visited with the bride and some of the other international guests. It might be hard to believe all of this really is salt but trust me it was (we even tried licking the walls as the guide suggested so there's no doubt at all).

Monday 3 November 2014

A surprise day in Switzerland

When we were in Switzerland this Summer my mum surprised us with a fun day out, filled with lovely activities and visits.
We drove through beautiful hills, saw an exhibition of paper art, visited a majestic priory, had an amazing lunch with at least 15 different vegetables, and even went to a museum that particularly pleased my favourite plane geek in the world.  

It was a truly lovely day out!

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