Tuesday 30 July 2013

USA 2013 | Seattle - Ballard -

After reading lots of good stuff about the Ballard neighborhood (on Elephantine's blog and on Design Sponge, for example), it was one of the places at the top of our to-do list for Seattle. 
We walked into many adorable little boutiques and had the best Mexican lunch at La Carta de Oaxaca. Oh, and there was a rainbow around the sun that day in Seattle; it was the first one I had ever seen and it was very pretty!

We walked to the Ballard Locks where we were delighted to find out it was salmon spawning season. It was so cool to see them jump up the fish ladder to go back to where they were born and start the next generation. There's even an underground part where you can observe the fish while they take a rest in one of the pools before continuing their journey.


Sunday 14 July 2013

USA 2013 | Ferry back to the mainland

After stopping in a mini supermarket to get a quick picnic we parked by a beautiful lake and sat on the pebble beach to eat our sandwiches and punnet of blueberries in the sun.

And then we were off the to very south of Whidbey island where we hopped on a ferry back to the mainland.  Another stunning afternoon.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

USA 2013 | Ebey's Landing

Knowing we were going to spend the whole next week in the city (Mart had a conference in Seattle and we were going to be staying in a hotel right in the center) we really wanted to make the most of our time in the islands and spend some quality time in the wilderness. I had read about Ebey's Landing bluff trail and we decided to give it a go. And gosh are we glad we did! The scenery was magnificent and it was so lovely to be walking for a couple of hours surrounded by so much nature. We loved it. 

Here are half a million photos to show you how pretty it was.  :-)

Tuesday 9 July 2013

USA 2013 | Coupeville

When we woke up in Oak Harbour the weather was rather gloomy. This however didn't keep us from carrying on with the plans we had made for the day: exploring Whidbey island and going on a long walk. 
On the way to the spot we had chosen (more on that tomorrow) we took a wrong turn and ended up in Coupeville, a tiny (very old) and adorable little town. As you can see the sky was still grey but the soft rain stopped just as we got out of the car to go and take in the super smooth waters of Puget Sound. We looked as hard as we could to see a whale, a seal or an orca but unfortunately all we saw were lots and lots of seagulls.

It was only a very short (and unplanned) stop but I'm so glad we got to see this beautiful place.

Sunday 7 July 2013

USA 2013 | Fidalgo and Whidbey islands

After the Boeing factory we kept on heading North and went to Fidalgo island where we drove all the way to the top of Mount Erie and enjoyed the magnificent views of the surrounding islands in the early evening light. We then went on to cross the big bridge to Whidbey island, where we spent the night. Such a beautiful area!

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