Monday 10 May 2010

Little paper pots

I was really excited by my little paper pots when I first made them during the weekend. They looked cute, were made out of recycled material, and most of all, enabled me to keep all the tomato seedlings that had grown in our little greenhouse. Each plant now has its own little recipient, and I will be able to give them away to colleagues and friends as soon as they will be a bit sturdier.

But after watering the freshly replanted seedlings, the paper started getting very humid (quite logical I guess). I didn't mind it so much in the beginning (I thought it might dry out after a while), but now that two days have passed, none of them have dried, they are slowly going browny/yellowy/yucky and are all looking... well... pretty sad!

I'm not convinced I'll want to give them away to anyone else than our compost bin now!

I'll wait another few days before I do so, though - who knows, maybe the tomatoes will love their new moist environment.

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