Tuesday 8 March 2011

'Our' farmhouse for a few days

Last year, during our stay in Western Australia, we had a lovely time in Margaret River, and thus were very keen on going back for a few days this time around.

We were in for a good time, but had no idea how truly special this little holiday within our holiday would be. We were so immensely lucky to be able to stay in Chris's farmhouse for a few days. Chris is a friend of Lesley (Mart's mum), and on top of being very generous, she has truly fantastic taste. The farmhouse (just like their place in the city) is decorated in the most exquisite way. We loved every single detail of it, from the beautiful wooden veranda that runs around the house, the rustic-chic bathrooms, the omnipresent artworks, the fantastic porcelain pieces, and the comfy couches and chairs to relax all around.

Not only is the farmhouse beautifully decorated, it's also set in an amazing property, where kangaroos go about freely and where all the water you use comes from a cute little dam.
But I'll show you all of that another day.

For now, here are a few glimpses of the house.

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