Thursday 28 April 2011

Faceted earrings

When I saw these little beauties and found out how easy it was to make them (here) I went straight to the shops to buy myself some fimo clay. It took a few tries to get it right (but that's the great thing with clay, you can just start again and again until you are fully happy with the result) and I now have three pairs of cute little earrings which I just love wearing.

You can see the ones a merry mishap has made (she sells them in her etsy shop) here. I'm especially fond of the neon yellow, coal and dark purple ones. Mmh, and the ivory ones too actually. I might have to go back and buy more clay...


  1. The white ones look like beautiful Analcime crystals. I had to take a second look!

  2. I feel like making it too.. will get some fimo clay tomorrow :)) Great post!

  3. pam: I had never heard of Analcime crystals. I had to do a google-photo search, and wow: you are absolutely right! :-)

    Inspired Kim: cool! Let me know how they turn out!

  4. i seriously need to make these! i remember seeing them on merry mishap too! and i'm constantly favorite-ing all the ones in her shop. i need to go to the craft store! yours turned out so great.

  5. whitney, they are seriously easy to make; you should definitely give it a go. i love mine - i wear them all the time.


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