Thursday 24 November 2011

Cold weather

I quite like my cold-weather clothes and so I don't mind the temperatures we have currently over here in the Netherlands (it really hasn't rained much this fall, so it's been surprisingly bearable), but when seeing this photo just then, I really wished it was nice and warm for a little while.

Usually autumn and winter are ok, because we know we'll be flying to the southern hemisphere early in the new year, and we just hang on until then to see the sun... but this year we'll have to deal with the dreary weather all the way through as we are staying on the cold side of the planet for the whole season. Better get used to it and embrace the ugg boots and scarves then!

P.S. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but today I am especially aware of how wonderfully lucky I am. I definitely tend to take things for granted a little too much, and it's nice to stop and think about it all from time to time.

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