Tuesday 6 December 2011

Sinterklaas goodies

Yesterday it was Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands.
Just like last year and the year before, I made little presents for my colleagues. This time I baked them biscuits and packed them in pretty jars.

I used empty jam jars and sprayed the outside of the lid with black paint.
And I made little pompoms following this tutorial: so easy and quick! And nice and wintery...


  1. Hi Aude..well I missed your giveaway..darn! Very busy over here for us this month:) Congrats on your 2 year blog anniversary..I always love to see what new craft you're making and see your lovely photography:)

  2. Ohh top ils en ont de la chance! C'est super mignon et ça doit être délicieux! Je rentre de week-end et je vais à l'instant découvrir le lien que tu m'as laissé. Big big hugs!

  3. I wish I was one of your colleagues ;-)

  4. thank you for your comments, ladies!

    Mel, i hope you had a lovely birthday celebration and that you'll have a blast for Ezra's one soon too!

    Anne, les biscuits ne sont pas mal du tout... :-) c'est une recette de losanges a l'anis de ma mamman; il n'y a pas du tout de graisse alors ils sont un peu comme des biscotti italiens; miam!

    Teresa, well... we'll see what we can do about that. :-) Too bad Mart doesn't bring in Sinterklaas presents for his colleagues, eh? hehehe...

  5. J'adore les étiquettes avec un peu de tulle! Belle trouvaille!


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