Saturday 7 January 2012

DIY pearly and colourful bracelets

If you're also taking down all Christmas decorations this weekend and if you happen to have some pearly garland, don't toss it away! Here's a perfect DIY to recycle some of it into colourful bracelets you'll be able to wear all year long. My mum and I were inspired to make these during the holidays, after seeing these beauties a few months ago. We used:
  1. Gather your material.
  2. Glue your pearly garland on the bracelet. We noticed that the final result is more sturdy if you place a little bit of glue under each and every pearl.
  3. Put a dot of glue to hold the beginning of your thread.
  4. Circle with the thread around each pearl. Do two or three rounds depending on how thick you want the colourful part to be (we did three rounds each time). When you've gone around the whole bracelet, make a little not and secure the end of the thread with a dot of hot glue.

I've been pairing mine with other bracelets from my collection...

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