Monday 24 September 2012

Still here!

Hi everyone!
I haven't been here much lately; sorry!

It's been b-u-s-y in our neck of the woods! Mart became a doctor, his parents were here to visit, we went to Bruges (Belgium) for a weekend with them, just came back from Berlin (Germany) where we spent 4 days with his mum, work has been super duper busy... it all meant that I didn't have the time nor energy to get to blogging in the evening. 
And there's our wedding right around the corner which we should be planning, but there has been pretty much no time for that either lately. Must get to it. Soon.

Hmmm... and now that I'm finally logging in on blogger again, it seems like they've definitely forbidden me to use the very (very!) old platform I was so fond of... let's see if I can get used to this brand new and sleek-looking one! 

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