Tuesday 9 April 2013


Before I show you photos of our recent trip to Sydney, I'd like to finish off our honeymoon... it's been so busy during the weeks leading to our holiday that I didn't get the chance to finish it all.
I know this all happened a few months ago already, but I really enjoy looking back at all these photos so... bear with me! 
Just like for the tree top walk, I had read about the stromatolites in Bill Bryson's book. I was quite intrigued to go and see the most ancient living creatures on earth and... I have to admit I was pretty nonplussed once we got there. :-) They are not exactly hugely entertaining in 'normal' conditions, but let me tell you, with wind and waves these circular rocky formations are pretty much as boring as it gets (mostly because you can hardly see them). We did manage to take a peak at one or two in between waves, but it wasn't exactly earth shattering. Still, the idea that these things were there before dinosaurs is pretty cool. And the weather was good. :-)

That evening we reached Monkey Mia, where we witnessed the first of several magnificent sunsets from our cosy little place on the resort.  

Stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful area in the next few days!

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  1. a picture is worth a 1000 words - your blog is proof of the old adage...such beautiful pictures!!


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