Sunday 26 May 2013

Graphic pillows

On our wedding day we were presented with a big and beautiful folder filled with amazing creations from all our guests; each and everyone of them had put together something on the theme of cows and kangaroos (I'm Swiss, hence the cows and... Mart's Australian so... there you go! :-)) 

There were collages, photos, cards, poems... someone even bought us a cow in a charity and put the certificate in the folder. So many beautiful, fun and thoughtful pieces from everyone.

My mum and my brother actually designed a special fabric for us, which they sent us a few meters of when we got back to the Netherlands. I love it and decided to make pillows with a tiny little touch of neon orange 'cause... I just couldn't resist!


  1. Such a lovely bedroom! Love that fabric, and the touch of neon... :)

  2. Les coussins sont magnifiques, bravo, bravo!

  3. Gorgeous! Love that pop of neon :)


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