Friday 28 June 2013

USA 2013 | New York (day 1 & day 2)

Hello hello!
Yes, I know... it's been really quiet over here. Again!

Well, we just came back from a lovely 2,5 week stay in the States and, while I took lots and lots of photos, I didn't get remotely close to a computer during our whole time there. So this explains the lack of posts... but don't worry: I'll make up for my absence by showing you all the really cool places we went to!

The whole reason we went to the United States in the first place was that Mart was attending a conference in Seattle. On our way there we stopped in New York to see three of our very best friends who all used to live in the Netherlands and study with us at some point. They now all have very exciting jobs (and lives) in the Big Apple and we were thrilled to be able to go and see them.

We had no other plans but to spend as much time with all three of them as possible and it turns out we did just that. There was a lot of eating, sitting in the park enjoying the sun all together, catching up, walking, laughing, eating, discovering the really cool places they hang out at, eating some more, drinking a little, and actually... not taking that many photos at all. I realise I don't take many photos at all (if any) when we are in a social context. I wish I did as I'd love to look back at snipets of the times we were all together, but on the spot, I don't feel like going behind the camera; I want to be right there in the middle of it and not lose a minute of it.

These were taken during our multiple walks through central park. During a bright sunny morning and in the early evening. And there's a skyscraper from Manhattan whose top is in the clouds, and a yummy pizza from '2 Boots' which we ate in order to sustain ourselves during a super rainy day filled with pretty full on shopping.

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