Thursday 4 July 2013

USA 2013 | Boeing factory, Mukilteo

I don't think I would have put a visit to the Boeing factory on my to-do list if I wasn't married to a plane nerd but I have to say I actually quite enjoyed it! It was pretty amazing to see the sheer size of the place (it's the biggest building in the world volume-wise!) and the countless steps of the let's-build-a-plane-from-scratch process. Can you imagine that 40000 people work there? The whole area pretty much lives for/from Boeing and it was a great experience to go and see the intricacies of the whole process. 

 You're not allowed to take any photos during the factory tour but I snapped a few pictures in the museum part and outside, where we saw a new 787 take off for the very first time. 

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