Monday, 14 July 2014

A modern house for a small family of Sylvanian rabbits

It's been months and months since my last post... apologies!

I thought I should share these adorable little rabbits though, and the shoebox house I made them as a birthday present for a very special little girl who had her birthday on Sunday.
I guess this isn't quite the style of houses Sylvanian families usually live in but since I had mostly modern interior magazines lying around (and since I much prefer this esthetic) this lucky bunch ended up in a pretty modern pad! 

I sticky-taped a piece of cardboard in the middle of the shoebox to add a level to the house, glued 'wallpaper' and flooring, cut furniture out of magazines, glued them to the walls and... voila! :-)

Oh, I also made a tiny little garland out of hole-paper-punch left overs; I couldn't resist! 

And since the birthday girl turned 4 I wrapped the whole thing into... four packages!


  1. Absolument adorable! Bravo! Quelle plaisir que de te revoir dans ton blog!

  2. Such a gorgeous, sweet idea! The mini garland is my favourite ;)

  3. I have been checking ur blog every single day for new posts/updates! So glad u got back!! Please keep posting atleast once a week :)

  4. This is fantastic.I love your creativity. Am going to show my daughter right now and I know what she'll be making the next few days :)


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