Monday 1 December 2014


Aaaaaaaaaaand... c'est parti! Let the 2014 edition of my advent calendar begin!   


I'll be posting daily for the weeks to come and I hope you'll enjoy discovering a new number every day - I definitely had a lot of fun spotting them and photographing them during our travels and daily life throughout the year. 

Enjoy, and... Happy December!

P.S. It's the 6th year in a row that I hold a number advent calendar on my blog - feel free to click on the 'you might also like' links below each posts to see photos from previous years.  :-)

Maastricht (The Netherlands), in front of the station.


  1. Great shot. Love all the angles and the close crop.

    1. Thank you! :-) Keep checking in and you might see photos from places we went to together this Fall... ;-)

  2. I love your number series and will look forward to them each day.

    1. Hi Julia! Good to know you still like them. :-)
      Did you end up making any quilts inspired by last year's series?


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