Monday 5 January 2015

Himmeli wreath

My friend Claire had her birthday a few weeks ago and I sent her a golden himmeli wreath I made following this tutorial by Vintage Revival.

I had tried making an exact same wreath about a year ago just by looking at a picture I had found online. It had taken me the biggest part of a day and while I had eventually managed to recreate the whole thing out of plastic straws and string, there was no way I was going to ever make another one; it was just too. darn. time. consuming. And brain numbing.
But then my mum pointed out there were tutorials out there (I have no idea why that thought didn't even cross my mind in the first place) and after just seconds of looking at Mandi's perfect description I understood there was a much simpler way to do it. 
Cue wire and modules.

This wreath is seriously so easy to make, it's amazing. The only slightly hard part was finding cocktails straws here in Europe. The rest was a piece of cake.

Aaand... it's pretty addictive! I might have made several for Christmas presents this year. 


  1. Magnifique photos et bien sur, superbe couronne! Bravo!

  2. And I love love LOVE it! Thank you soooo much!! Is it acceptable to have it hanging all year round? I don't think I could bear to put it away until Christmas this year! X

    1. Yes! :-) It's totally acceptable to have it hanging all year round (at least according to me!) I have one on the wall in the kitchen here, and i'm not taking it down anytime soon. :-)


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