Monday, 23 February 2015

Visiting Rome's finest treasures with the best guide in town

On our last day in Rome we met up with one of Mart's childhood friends, Marco, who gave us the absolute best tour of Rome we could ever have dreamed of. 
He took us to countless incredible spots, told us fantastic stories, got us to eat the most amazing specialties... and he made sure we had the real Rome experience by showing off his driving skills in the busy afternoon traffic; it was terrific!


  1. Quelle rencontre formidable, et encore plus formidable que vous ayez gardé le contact! Quelle chance vous avez eu!

  2. italien ist so ein großartiges land. ich war schon so oft dort, aber noch nie in rom. :-)

    bei deinen wunderschönen bildern kribbelt es aber schon wieder und ich bekomm wieder fernweh!

    liebe grüße und ein sonniges wochenende

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Rebecca. Rome is such a beautiful place; I would definitely recommend it!
      Have a lovely sunny weekend too!


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