Saturday 27 February 2010

At the most South-Western point of Australia

What a fantastic day we had, exactly one month ago.
We drove down to the lovely town of Augusta, at the most South-Western point in Australia and climbed the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse. The wind up there was incredibly strong and the view just fantastic! We saw the exact spot where the Southern and the Indian oceans meet.
Ben took us to see dolphins - it was incredibly beautiful to see the three of them swimming together to the surface, and coming to see the people who were canoeing nearby.
And afterwards we went to the most fantastic beach ever, in Hamelin Bay. The water was very cold but so clear and beautiful!


  1. Aude, is too much blue to handle for me! One post of yours is just about the same amount of blue sky that we get here during entire summer...
    Loving your pictures!


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