Tuesday 16 February 2010

Back in NL

I'm back in winter after a wonderful month down under... it was really sad to leave the sun, the heat, the holidays, but most of all, Mart's friends and family... it will be a while until I get to see them again, and I will miss them dearly.

I wasn't able to post much while we were away and so I will do so from here... it should be a good way to keep the holiday feeling going for a few more days!

This is probably the first photo of our trip, while we were on our way to the airport in Bruxelles.

I was back in this train today - the trip turned out pretty chaotic because of yesterday's big accident. But I got home safe and sound, and that's all that counts!

I'll be back tomorrow with more sunny and colourful photos... now it's time to go to bed!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome home! Can't wait to see some photos.. and if it helps - I'm feeling your pain! Bring on Spring :)


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