Tuesday 5 October 2010

Candy corn

The candles from the other day are (almost) over. Don't they look adorable? The remind me of candy corn...
Ah, candy corn... I wish I lived in the States right now so that I could run down the street, buy a packet and eat some (or actually... lots) of this delicious candy!

All through my childhood, each year around October, we received a package from our good friends in the US. It always contained a BIG packet of candy corn. And it was an absolute treat for the whole family - we loved them!

Mmmh... yummy memories!


  1. the candies do look cute! with one small remark, probably you would not run down the street but drive down the street :)

  2. i live in the usa and i can't stand candy corn! i wish they would send it all your way! ;-)


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