Wednesday 13 October 2010

Zeeland: Middelburg and Veere

You can usually tell how beautiful I find a place by the amount of photos on my camera at the end of the day... Zeeland last Sunday was no exception to the rule; I could not keep myself from taking photos all the time. Everything was resplendent in the warm autumn light and we didn't see a speck of cloud the whole day - what a treat!

The photos hereunder are of Middelburg (Zeeland's capital), where we climbed the Lange Jan tower, and of Veere, an absolutely delightful little town by the water.

More photos of the rest of the day to come later on!


  1. wow what beautiful photos! I really love the first one. Looks like a stunning place!

  2. J'ai l'impression d'être partie en vacances plusieurs jours!

  3. amazing photos Aude, u make me want even more to go to Zeeland before leaving NL!


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