Tuesday 4 January 2011


We got a really cool juicer / smoothie maker for Xmas, and I'm looking forward to try different recipes. So... get ready for lots of juices updates!

Today's 'jus du jour' was orange-mandarine-kiwi.


  1. what kind did you get? i need one and can't decide which one.....

  2. cool! i wanted to get a blender - but the husband says we have too many kitchen appliances already. lucky you!

  3. kylee, it's a Swiss brand called Betty Bossi, and it's their MixFIT model, which they don't seem to sell at the moment anymore... I've heard they might start making it again in spring though!

    whitney, we are indeed very lucky - and it just fits in the last little bit of space we had in the cupboard under the fridge... yey! :-) (but it's probably also the last kitchen appliance we get - we are out of storage space!).

  4. La santé en gobelets! Très belles photos, j'adore les couleurs¨


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