Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sydney cbd


  1. That second photo is great!!! It still hurts to look at these posts, whilst we are back in cold Europe...

  2. Great shots, how are you finding our Australian heat? At least things have cooled down a bit now, love your posts ... "Dough up on Bourke" and "Dank St" are two of my favorite places .... Try to visit "Ici et La" in Surry Hills too, great furniture and a nice place to browse (although a bit pricey) ... Surry Hills has some great cafes too .... Enjoy Sydney !!!

  3. Mary, cbd = central business district.
    Dave, you guys should be jealous - it's so amazing to go to the beach and to see the sun! :-)
    MANDY, we are actually loving the heat. It feels so good after weeks and weeks of rain and cold in the Netherlands! I've haven't been to "Ici et la" yet, thanks for the tip!


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