Tuesday 17 May 2011

Stockholm VIII

Our last evening in Stockholm...
We took the tram to the island of Djurgården and went for a walk in Gröna Lund Tivoli where we had a wonderful time watching nervous kids lining up for scary rides, teenagers running around in big groups eating candy floss, and parents pushing prams covered in huge boxes of chocolate they won in the many skills-testing stands spread all through the fairground. It was the very first day that the park was open to the public for the season and the atmosphere was festive - you could see that people were happy that summer was on its way.

We didn't hang around for too long though, and made our way back to a quieter spot to have dinner right by the water, looking across to
Östermalm, enjoying the sun all the way until it disappeared behind the grand looking buildings of the area, and wondering when we'd be able to come back to this wonderful city to see all the things we didn't manage to fit in our busy schedule.


  1. i'm loving all the pictures from your trip! and, i would have LOVED to ride that roller coaster, my goodness! :)

  2. Ah that carousel on the pier is gorgeous!

  3. A force de dire: merveilleuses photos, c'est lassant, mais c'est toujours vrai!


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