Sunday 14 August 2011

Soft colours for Mel

Today we are invited at Mel's for a summer party. It feels nothing like summer weather-wise but I have no doubt it will be lovely anyway!

I made her a little thank-you pouch and garland, with soft colours and a bit of fabric I printed just like these t-shirts (except I've now been using bleach instead of white ink as that wasn't that permanent after all...). :-)

P.S. I made the pouch following this tutorial (via here). Didn't think I would have to re-do some of the seams so many times before getting it right with the zipper but it worked out eventually...!


  1. Aude..I really loved the lovely, thoughtful and creative! I get such great craft inspiration from your blog. Thank you for the gift!

  2. i love these colors together. i need to try to sew with a zipper sometime. why is it so intimidating!?


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