Sunday 5 February 2012

Freezing weather

It's been incredibly cold over here lately, with temperatures staying well below 0 degrees Celsius day and night. We put on our warmest clothes and went for a walk in the sun yesterday afternoon, to see the frozen pond in the park and pay a visit to the animals who live there. We gave little branches and dried leaves found on the ground to the deers and goats - they loved them! The geese and pigeons were a bit disappointed that we didn't have anything for them though.
Photo 5 is a little river in the park, in the process of freezing over. Isn't the pattern just beautiful?


  1. That 5th photo is amazing!!! Looks like it was a beautiful day. It does make me miss winter a bit... If only I could experience it for a week then come back to the warmth..

  2. We should do a house-swop for a few days Dave - I'd love to be in a warm place for a little while! :-)

    I wish I could send you a packet of snow and icicles in the post so you could have a mini winter wonderland in your living room.


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