Tuesday 14 February 2012

Why should love be pink?

I have seen so many Valentine's day decorations in a multitude of pinks, reds and purples that I was getting close to reaching a complete overdose. As a remedy, here is a good measure of fresh minty greens inspired by the beautiful typography (pictured in the middle) my friend Claire posted today.

Photo credits: (clockwise)
Chocolate letter
Typography by Claire from Fellow Fellow.
Photo of New York’s Williamsburg Bridge by Mon Zamora (via)
Fluo elastic with seeds and beads necklace by Turina.Jewellery
Bird No.17 by Geninne


  1. I agree.. so much red and pink! I really like this collection, it's so peaceful and fresh on my eyes :)

  2. I agree ... and I LOVE that colour so thank you for that break of all things pink!

  3. I really love this colour too... it does really feel fresh. And happy.


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