Thursday 8 March 2012

Bright jewels

Photo credits:
Left: neon collar necklace by a pare and a spare
Right: 'end of the party' necklace by French 76

After seeing these two beautiful necklaces I went straight to the hardware store to buy a can of neon yellow spray paint. I just needed to make one too (and now I might just start spraying random things in bright colours too...).

P.S. Claire, from Fellow Fellow, has asked me to do a few guest posts on her beautiful blog. Head over here to see the first one!
It seriously makes me want to be all tanned and in the middle of summer...


  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace!! I'm glad it's inspired you - good luck with your creation... X

  2. so pretty!! i am loving the yellow.

  3. Cette combinaison de bleu marin et jaune flou est géante! Bravo pour la découverte et la mise en valeur!

  4. Ad PS: I LOVE the DIY bracelets! I want to make some too :) I just need to find a shop round here that sells clay :)

  5. Oh the longing for summer! Love the necklaces!
    Have a happy and sunny week.
    Regards from Oslo K

  6. Maybe you like this too!


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