Wednesday 14 March 2012

Happy birthday Fabien!

Today is my youngest brother's birthday; and because what I ordered for him is taking longer than expected to get to him, I told him to download a little something to keep him waiting patiently until my package makes it to its destination: the eboy FixPix app.


The app, just like eboy's fantastic posters, is full of countless little details
(we've have the one pictured above in our entrance hall for more than a year and I still discover new things every time I look at it).
The game is colourful, it's fun, and fixing the pictures by tilting your iPhone/iPad feels strangely satisfying (and probably makes you look a little crazy - I'd avoid playing the game while waiting for a bus or metro in a crowded space for example).
Head over here to try out the pixel fixing fun! :-)

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