Friday, 4 March 2011

The Pinnacles

Here is where we drove to: the Pinnacles!

It's a crazily beautiful place, a few hours North of Perth. No one knows for sure how these rocks came to be, but theories talk about calcium left-overs from the trunks or roots of old trees that were part of a forest there thousands of years ago.

It doesn't really matter how they were made - the landscape there is absolutely amazing. It kind of feels like you are on the moon, or in the desert, or on some kind of weird planet. And it felt even more special when we spotted a wild mother father emu (thank you Kay!) and her his five youngsters running across the place.
I took way too many photos to share them all with you, but here is a condensed version of the day.

It was stinking hot.

We loved it.


  1. Actually it was the father emu you saw. Mum incubates the eggs for 14 days, lays them then shoots through looking for another mate. Dad sits on the eggs for 65 days to hatch the chicks & then looks after them for the next 18 months. What a good fella. Love your Pinnacle photos. We must go there.

  2. Les photos sautées sont tout simplement géniales!

  3. So jealous. Looks absolutely incredible. And cool jumping photos :) someone must have been a patient photographer!

  4. It is absolutely beautiful, Joanna. You should come and see them one time! :-)

    Gavin (Mart's dad) was the photographer. He is a very patient person indeed, but on that day he took three photos of the three of us, and two of them turned out great, so luckily there wasn't too much patience needed.


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