Thursday 14 February 2013

Driving South, part 3

After hours of driving along beautiful and mostly deserted roads through hectares and hectares of forest we eventually made it to the Wilderness Discovery Center in the Valley of the Giants, near Denmark (yep, Denmark the city, not the country). I had wished to go there ever since I read Bill Bryson's Down Under book years and years ago and I was so glad to finally go! 

The highlight of the center is the amazing tree top walk they have installed amongst several of the very high trees. This very impressive platform allows you to walk comfortably at the very top of the trees (it's so much less scary than the look-out trees we had climbed previously!). It feels really wonderful to imagine what birds see and experience living up there, and the views were of course rather breathtaking. The rest of the center, with many very impressive giant trees and really good explanation displays, was really good too... I was so impressed to find such an interesting and cleverly put-together place so remote from everything else!

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