Wednesday 14 April 2010


We planted tomatoes and wild strawberries last weekend. To Mart's great pleasure, they started coming out early this week - it's quite exciting!

And look at what was in the packet I received from Claire for my birthday yesterday: lots of different seeds, in delightful little packages... It's so pretty and so well thought! Thank you Clairebear!

I'm going to be 'gardening' again this weekend to start seedlings of all of them- we are going to have a wonderful balcony this summer!


  1. OMG, first of all, it is REALLY hard to believe that the packages are hand made - is so beautiful! Second of all, your camera is amazing: the second picture is great!

  2. We need to rotate the tomatoes, phototropism is a seedling's worst enemy!

  3. wow! those seed packages are so beautiful!!! please keep them when you are done with them!!


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