Sunday 18 April 2010

Strange little one

When taking care of our seedlings on the balcony this afternoon (the tomatoes we planted almost two weeks ago were ready to be transplanted into their own little pots), Mart found this little one growing in between two tiles.
It has such a funny and pretty shape, but we have no idea what it could be.

So we put it in its own little pot too, and we'll keep an eye on it to see what it will turn into!
Any ideas anyone?


  1. i have no idea! i've always loved projects like this one though - not knowing what comes up. and planting your own vegetables, such a joy! i feel like trying to plant something in my windowsill now. : )

  2. I wish I could send you some of our tomato seedlings - we have way too many to grow them all to full plants! And I always find it a bit sad to just toss the other ones away...
    But I doubt they'd survive the trip to Denmark too well...


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