Wednesday 9 June 2010


Here are my favourite outfits from Sunday's fashionclash event. Now, the pictures below are definitely not representative of what we saw during the whole day. There were frills, there were scary masks, crazy fabrics and incredible constructions and colours. But somehow these interesting, challenging and most probably very fashion-forward outfits didn't make into my list of favourites... I guess I'm a bit too conservative... or just too practical. I think I liked the ones you will see below because I could see myself wearing them in real life... (and also because some of the models were hot! hehehe...).

All photos come from the fashionclash website, and were taken during shows 4 and 5 by Team Peter Stigter.


  1. I like the last outfit, with the blue blouse and dark pants. I think it's perfect!

  2. on ne sait pas toujours si c'est des hommes ou des femmes. (Je dois être encore plus conservatrice que toi ;-))


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