Sunday 6 June 2010

Up and up

Look at the adorable hot air balloon I came across yesterday while google-ing. (here)

It's a 'real life' version of the fantastic flying house in the movie Up and it was used it for the promotion of the movie.

I find it so really adorable... and would just love to see it in real life!

Here is a peak at how it looks from close up:

The hot air balloon reminded me of this video, which I loved a few years ago:

And this video, in turn, made me remember this Sony commercial - so pretty!

(This version doesn't have the original soundtrack, but it was the one with the best quality on YouTube)

I need to research a 'making of' for this commercial - I wonder if they really dropped thousands and thousands of balls down the streets of San Francisco!


  1. Mum found what I was looking for - it was indeed 250000 bouncing balls they threw down a hill in SF!

  2. My city, Albuquerque, we have this every year in the fall, and its huge. Its the Balloon Fiesta, and it is AMAZING.


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