Tuesday 8 June 2010

My little sheep

Meet the little ceramic sheep I bought on Sunday at the wonderful Fashionclash event in Maastricht. It was made by Noemi Peters from nope design (no website available unfortunately).

Isn't he just adorable? He looks exactly like the real playmobil ones that my brothers and I used to play with... and it totally reminds me of my childhood!

Joanna took great photos of the venue on Sunday - I can't wait to see her pictures of the actual fashion shows.

Ok, time to get ready for Pilates. I will leave you with the song of the day and the rest of the lemon tea...!
(this song has been playing over and over on the radio at work and today I just could not take it out of my head!)


  1. almost like I and my "parachute" that was in my head the entire time.. gosh so annoying!

  2. adorable ce petit mouton en porcelaine !!


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