Thursday 16 June 2011

Bits of white in our apartment

I absolutely love looking at photos of beautiful white Scandinavian apartments with perfect furniture, fantastic light and just the right amount of little touches of colour.
Our place doesn't look like that one bit (hello clutter and mismatched items!) but I don't mind. I still love our apartment.

And I keep telling myself that if we moved into a nice big white space and selected some of the (many!) objects we currently have, we could also have a beautiful light and airy apartment!

P.S. the broach comes from the Brick Lane markets in London. Which animal do you reckon it is? Every time I wear it I get different opinions...!


  1. I'm going with freshly shawn sheep!!!
    Is that a concrete serving dish? ooohhh... looks cool!

  2. Yes Dave, it's a concrete plate. A recent purchase. Couldn't resist the temptation when I saw it was reduced during the sales period!


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