Saturday 25 June 2011

Soft sounds and lights

I was extremely tempted to turn the heater on tonight.. it's been rainy and cold all day, and I just was tired of this ugly damp feeling that's everywhere. But it's June. Almost July! There's no way I'm going to turn the heater on in June!! So I lit up some candles. I guess they do produce a little heat -not enough to make the thermometer in the living room go up any degrees though- but psychologically it makes all the difference. And with this CD I bought today (discovered here), it turned out to be a lovely evening after all.


  1. Ahh Agnes Obel, that is a great album. She will be playing at Stimmen Music festival in Lörrach next month.
    Typical considering that we will just miss out this year!

  2. Oh her voice..thanks for sharing! BTW, will you be at Cafe Zuid tomorrow night? We're finally going to make it:)

  3. Dave, what a shame you'll miss her in Lorrach! What a shame you're going full stop actually. I'm going to miss having you guys on 'our' continent.

    Mel, I'm glad you like her - i'm sure you'll love her CD! I'm going to try and come to Zuid tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll make it. If not we should definitely meet for drinks again soon! :-)


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