Sunday 31 July 2011

Choc chip cookies

After a few too many games of this (warning: highly addictive stuff in sight), we were seriously craving chocolate chips cookies. I found an old recipe I got straight from the States years ago (Anne, maybe it was yours? I can't remember...). Anyway, they are de-li-ci-ous, and we have been enjoying them tremendously!


  1. these look incredible! i love big chocolate chunks. :)

  2. It does look increadible :) can you share the recipy or its a secret one? :) (see I bought a mixer finally...)

  3. they were delicious indeed, ladies.

    asiulek, I'll send you the recipe in an email so that you can put your mixer to work...! :-)

  4. Thanks dear! I have used it once already, I tried doing this
    (its in Polish but picture is also quite explanatory). However, the effect did not quite look the same in my version...

  5. How is it that you can make something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie look completely beautiful!

  6. hi! is it possible to get a recipe of these cookies :)? they look incredible!!!

    1. Hi Vicky!
      Sure! Just send me a quick email and I'll send you the recipe! they are delicious indeed... :-)


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