Sunday 17 July 2011

Coconut & lime yogurt popsicles

I've been looking at products like this one for a few weeks already, thinking it would be so much fun to have in the summer... but then reason gets the better of me and I end up not buying anything because a) our freezer is about the size of a matchbox, b) summer over here only lasts for a few days it seems (or at least this year it hasn't really appeared yet) and c) am I really going to spend 50 euro on a machine to make a few ice blocks every now and then? (I just saw that you can get them for slightly cheaper online, but still...).

Anyway. The other day we saw a few rays of sun, and I got the urge to make little ice creams... and so I did with what I had on hand at home. The adorable little dishes I received for my birthday a few years ago turned out to be the perfect shape, and I just stuck mini spoons in there to make the sticks. A bit of the delicious coconut & lime yogurt in there, a few hours in the freezer, and that was it!


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