Thursday 24 January 2013


Last weekend, together with a few of my colleagues and a group of 70 students, we braved the absolutely freezing weather conditions to go and visit Kinderdijk, a beautiful Unesco protected area with nineteen magnificent windmills.

Most of my students arrived in the Netherlands from Australia just a few weeks ago, and the weather difference between what they left behind and what they've been faced with over here in the last few days/weeks couldn't really be any more extreme. A few of them actually came to me, while we were walking from one windmill to another, with a worried look on their face to let me know that they believed they might loose a toe or two to the cold or at least get serious frost bite. I smiled, thinking it was a silly joke, but quickly realised no one was laughing. They were genuinely worried. And so we snapped a few photos very quickly and hopped inside the visitors' center to go and watch a video about it all in a slightly warmer environment! 

P.S. I still have one or two wedding posts to show you. Soon!


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