Wednesday, 9 January 2013

our wedding | getting ready

One of the reasons we fell in love with Western Australia is the amazing sunsets that one can marvel at daily. Or almost as we found out on our wedding day. :-) 
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? 

The night before our wedding, when we were preparing the art gallery for the ceremony and the reception afterwards, we all took a short break to go and admire the sky slowly changing into beautiful shades of orange and pink... 

I had just assumed we'd experience something exactly like that the next evening, with all our guests... but the weather had something different in store for us!
We did get to watch many sunsets during the rest of our time there though, so it's all ok. 

Now, on to the actual wedding day! 
Here are a few snapshots of us getting ready... 

Photo credits | all photos by Claire Dalgliesh

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