Friday 4 January 2013

our wedding | homemade cake

It is the tradition in my family for my grand-mother to make the wedding cakes; she's made the ones for all her children and grand-children's weddings so far. I was so happy she could make ours too, even though our wedding was on the other side of the planet!
The cake was a traditional British fruit cake, and it was delicious.

For the decoration I was very much inspired by this picture (via). I made the little hearts out of fondant which I folded in half and let dry on an angle... and my mum and my aunty were extremely patient in placing them all on the finished cake. At that point I was so busy running around the place semi frantically, trying to think of everything we needed to finalise before the wedding, that I would certainly have made a complete mess. :-)

It is also the tradition to keep the top part of the cake and eat it at the birth of your first child... I'll keep you posted! hehehe...

Photo credits | 1 & 2: Mathieu Collioud | 3,4 & 5: Claire Dalgliesh

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