Thursday 21 February 2013

Best sunset ever

The evening I saw what must have been the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed we were having fish & chips in Fremantle harbour with my brother Fabien. It was his last full evening in Australia before going back to cold Switzerland and so we wanted to do something really Aussie (hence the choice of dinner). Little did we know that the skies would also be putting up an absolutely gob-smacking light show to wish him farewell!

The whole evening turned out to be totally amazing from start till end; there was the always wonderful drinks at Little Creatures, the delicious food, the incredible sunset of course, and the joyful walk back home in the warm night... everything felt truly special. We even got to watch a bit of live underwater nature show in a part of the harbour that was lit up with a strong lamp: we saw a squid chase and feed on a school of tiny fish. How cool is that?! It might have been the white wine talking, but we thought it was pretty darn amazing.


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