Saturday, 2 February 2013

our wedding | flying homemade kites on the beach

After our wedding ceremony (and a glass of champagne or two), my family distributed dozens of beautiful white kites that they had made from scratch back in Switzerland to all the guests. We all went on the beach to fly them together; each kite had a colourful bit and the combination of all these little spots of colour zig-zagging in the wind was so beautiful. And so much fun too!

My parents, aunties & uncles, cousins, and family friends spent many weekends and late evenings sawing together all these beautiful kites. Here are a few peeks into the whole process.

I knew my family was working on this gargantuan project (and I always knew the kite flying would be one of the highlights of our wedding day) but I didn't know they would even include our names on each and every single kite. It was such a sweet surprise, and such a nice touch! 

The kites have now flown to all corners of the world with our guests, and will hopefully provide them with not only a nice memento of our wedding day but also with countless moments of outdoor fun.

Photo credits | 1-6: Claire Dalgliesh, 7-10 & 12: Maryline Collioud-Robert


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