Tuesday 19 February 2013

Driving South, part 6

We drove through so many beautiful areas during our week of travels in the south of Western Australia... these are a few shots I took one evening when the sun was setting and the light was slowly disappearing from the sky... 

And I really didn't take many photos because I wanted to fully experience the whole thing (as opposed to seeing it through my camera) but here is one little glimpse at one of the dolphins that came to greet us at the Dolphin Discovery Center in Bunburry where we stopped for our last night all together. It was so wonderful to be in the water with these amazing animals! We could of course not touch them or anything, but it was so special to have them coming so close to us, and to all be in the water at the same time.

And... that's it for the time I spent traveling with my family in Western Australia! I do have plenty more photos from our honeymoon though, when Mart and I drove North... so... if you're not completely sick of sunny Australian scenery yet, make sure you pop by in the next few days to see some more! :-)


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