Sunday 29 August 2010

Day 10: Skagen

On Day 10, we (Iben, Flemming, Celina, Caitlin and the two of us) drove to the most Northern point Mart and I had ever been to: the very tip of Denmark, in Skagen. The place is a well-known getaway for Danish holidays, and the light there can be absolutely breathtaking. Well, we will have to take their word for it as we didn't see much light while we were there. We did see countless rain drops though.

Yet I have no trouble understanding why the group of painters who moved to Skagen in the late 1870s did so: this small city looks to be lovely. Almost all buildings are painted in bright, warm yellow, and I'm sure it would be absolutely charming on a slightly less wet day. And a look at their paintings does indeed show that the light can be truly resplendent.

Once we had arrived at the furthest point we could reach with the cars, we jumped onto a tractor-pulled carriage (with a roof and hence rain shelter: yey!) that took us on the sandy beach all the way to the point where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The waves literally crash against each other from two directions. It was very impressive, especially as the weather was rather challenging, with lots of wind and rain.

As the Northern tip of Denmark, the area is also the departure point for ferries to Sweden and Norway. We really felt like we had driven far away from home!


  1. wow what an adventure!

    Hehe, you all look so cold!

  2. that is really fascinating about how the seas meet!

  3. hey, i didn't know you two had been to denmark! how funny! glad you liked it and the language : ) it really is funny sounding - i can hear it even though i'm danish myself.



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