Thursday 12 August 2010

My 'I like' book

Almost 10 year ago I started a 'I like' book. Whenever I think of something special I like, I write it in there.

I'll share a few pages with you: (it's all in French, but I'll translate!)

(1) I like to give presents.
(2) I like to spot my birth date in an unexpected place.
(3) I like when the weather is good.
(4) I like to nap.
(5) I like to hear birds singing.
(6) I like getting my hair washed at the hairdresser's.


  1. J'aime lire les j'aime de quelqu'un d'autre!

  2. I like this as well!

  3. What a FANTASTIC idea. OMY.....I love that you not only write text but stick things in. I'm going to write one :-).....thank you


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