Friday 20 August 2010

Day 2: Morning in Hamburg

There's way too much I want to show you from Day 2, so I'll split it in two: here is part 1; the morning in Hamburg.

We ignored the pessimistic weather forecast and got up early to get to the Fischmarkt on time (it actually shuts down at 9h30, isn't that amazing?). Well, it was truly worth it, even if we did get rained on. The range of 'products' was wonderful: there was fish (duh!), but also lots of live animals, plants, amazing fruits and veggies, souvenirs, etc. A lot of stuff was sold 'by the basket': not only do you get a great selection of beautiful fruits (for example) but you also get a nice woven basket to carry them home. I like it.

From there we walked along the water back to the city center, where we climbed the tower of St. Michaelis Church. The view from the top was great, and the inside of the church itself was wonderful too.


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