Saturday 21 August 2010

Day 3: Copenhagen

On Day 3 we set foot in Denmark for the very first time in our lives. We were so excited!

We left the car in Nyborg (on the big island 'in the middle' of Denmark) and took the train into Copenhagen. We absolutely loved the city. We couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. There are enough great buildings to keep your eyes (and camera) busy for days, but on top of that there is (1) fantastic shopping (we could have emptied several shops if our wallets agreed), and (2) everyone in the street is truly attractive. And as if this wasn't enough, every single person we interacted with was genuinely friendly and terribly helpful. I had read somewhere that Danish people were the most happy people in the world... well, I have no trouble believing it.

Our highlights of the day (apart from buying great clothes) were:
- climbing the Rådhus tower and admiring the city from the top
- taking a boat tour around the harbor
- having a drink sitting on the canal edge in Nyhavn (probably our favourite spot in the whole town)
- stumbling upon the most perfect Thai restaurant for dinner
- and of course, visiting Tivoli at night...


  1. I hope you enjoied your day in our city!

  2. Funny to read your opinion about Denmark. Lovely pictures.

  3. i agree lovely copenhagen photos!


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